Finally China responded to the Indian government ban on Chinese apps.

New Delhi, 30 June 2020, (P.E.B). (China’s first response to India) In a press release on Monday evening, the Indian government informed that 59 Chinese apps were banned in India.

हिंदी में पढ़ो आखिरकार भारत सरकार के चाइनीस ऐप्स को भारत में बैन करने पर चाइना की प्रतिक्रिया आ गई है।

In response to this, the Foreign Minister of China has made a statement this afternoon.

He said in his statement that he is following this decision of India, it is the responsibility of the Government of India to uphold the legal rights of international investors including Chinese. Added to this  China would take further action on this issue under international investment laws.

The 59 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government are as follows

China's first response to India
China’s first response to India

Some of which are  from social media such as Helo, Tik Tok, Share It etc. The government reasoned on the reason for discontinuing the apps. They had to take the action for the “security” of the country. Closed apps also include the famous browsing app “UC Browser” and the shopping app “Club Factory”.

It was said by the government that all the apps were sending data of their users outside the country without any permission, therefore keeping in view the security of the country, the government has decided to discontinue these apps in India. The ban has been imposed by the government under the Information Technology Act of section 69A.

What harm will China face with this move?

This move will increase Economic pressure on china. Because the owners of these apps are big Businessmen of China. all those merchants will suffer financial loss due to their closure.

According to a report, 80% of the revenue of the highest running tik tok app on social media is from India, In 2018, during the launching of UC Browser’s new version, they said that they has 130 million monthly users in India. As such, China is likely to suffer financially.

You can guess from this number that Chinese apps were so dependent on India for their earnings, At present, this move is expected to cause considerable economic loss to China.


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