R.C.F Kapurthala done a record breaking work.

Hussainpur, 1 July (Kaurha) – (Corona crisis unable to stop) R.C.F, Kapurthala has produced 107 train coaches in the month of June of this financial year. In the month of June of last year, 105 coaches were manufactured by R.C.F under normal conditions. In the first quarter of this financial year, R.C.F had manufactured 160 coaches. This production is higher than the production of other units of the Indian Railways – Integral Coach Factory, Chennai and Modern Coach Factory, Rae Barely for the first quarter of the year 2020-21.

हिंदी में पढ़ें असामान्य परस्थितियों के बावजूद आर.सी.एफ का 107 डिब्बों का उत्पादन करना एक उत्साहजनक उपलब्धि है।
Corona crisis unable to stop
Corona crisis unable to stop
R.C.F’s encouraging achievement despite unusual circumstances

This production count even more significant as the rail coach factory Kapurthala ceased production on 22 March 2020 due to an outbreak of the corona virus across the globe and resumed production on 23 April 2020 with 50% manpower at the factory. After this, on 18 May, the employees were called on duty who are inside the R.CF premises while outsiders employees of the R.C.F joined their duty on 3 June.

It is worth mentioning that the Rail Coach Factory is the first unit of the rail to start the production process after getting the exemption in lock down.

Apart from this, the R.C.F administration has taken several steps for the supply of luggage in the coaches so that the supply of the goods is up to date and timely. Vehicles carrying goods are allowed to enter the workshop only after being fully sanitized.

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R.C.F manufactured 2 coaches in April and 48 coaches in May. The 107 coaches in the month of June include 22 high capacity parcel vans. R.C.F has set a target to manufacture 385 parcel van coaches this year, the highest of any other type of coaches. R.C.F has so far produced 115 parcel van coaches since its launch from 30 January 2020.

The R.C.F administration committed to stop the spread of corona virus. All employees sent to work only after thermal screening. Employees are also working enthusiastically, adopting all the precautions.

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