Importance of menstrual health in females.

During my practice of years in electro homeopathy,  I have found now a days menstrual health in girls deteriorating.


1.Now girls are getting started menstrual in early age of their life like in between 10th to 12th year even when innocent does not know about this as comparatively to earlier an age of 14 to 16.

2.Because of hand hygiene or lack of attention to their proper diet and and watching too much romantic serials.

3. Immune system is of great importance in the maintenance of good health and reproductive system. It is the  diet which plays most important role in building up of immunity. For building up good immune system  eating local and seasonal fruit and vegetables is most important .

4. Mostly  during menses females fails to keep hygiene, because of which some time it becomes vulvitis (inflammation of vulva) and there appears fissures which are very irritating and painful for the patient. Sometime patient start suffering from leukorrhea also,because of leukorrhea back pain starts and body keep in mialse state.

Treatment and management:

It is very important to keep it dry and wash with electro homeopathic medicine green electicity and C1 diluted with 400ml water to wash the area.
and hydrastitis 30th potency, 20 drops with 100ml water twice a day.

Edited by: Dr. Teji

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Importance of menstrual health in females


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